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Variables in HTML tags/ Php in header

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I am trying to insert a variable directly into a line of HTML, with no spaces...

the line of code I've got looks like this:

$selectedshirtid = $info['shirt_id'];
echo "<DIV class=menuContainer id=menu'$selectedshirtid'Container>[/code]

but this outputs

<DIV class=menuContainer id=menu'3'Container>

It's not supposed  have the single quote around the variable...should look like this...

<DIV class=menuContainer id=menu3Container>

if I just put the php variable on it's own with no quotes..it doesn't read at all...

Also- can php be used in the HTML header? I can't think of why it wouldn't be able to...but for some reason I remember reading that it can't...

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Use curly braces around your variable:
[code]$selectedshirtid = $info['shirt_id'];
echo "<DIV class=\"menuContainer\" id=\"menu{$selectedshirtid}Container\">[/code]
Without the curly braces PHP will get confused. The curly braces are used to help php out.

and use quotes around your attributes values in your html tags.

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