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I am a noob and need new ideas


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i been hearing that flash is not that great anyways


Flash is a great tool however at some point someone thought they should build websites entirely in Flash and others followed and then they started complaining because it's not SE-friendly.


Flash is not designed to build websites but rather animation's and video's it originally was a new way to make advertisements at small size and awesome quality


not really a fan of flash, but you can use it if you want .. a little more search engine friendlier


Flash is not SE-friendly because it's just an object and is like an image not readable by a SE

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sorry, i ment to say not using it is search engine friendly


im so retarded, using it is not search engine freindly

i heard it was a cpu hog, but i guess that is more important for phones and netbooks. recently there seems to be security issues?


reading a js ebook now. i know java fairly well so it should be easy to apply it


java is nowhere near the same thing as js, js is more like c than anything else.

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not accusing anyone of any kind of putting virus's on thier site...


However, When firefox crashes when looking at a particular site, there is a good change an exploit was possible. So if i open up a site for the first time and it crashes firefox i scan for virus's and check out that sites source code. If i can get back to it.


Use a different browser to check it out if you have too.


Good luck!

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