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why can't i upload this file size


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hi all

i am linking VB with php so i can upload a file to the internet but the problem happened when i uploaded a file larger than 8 mb i didn't see any error but i couldn't find the file in the upload folder

later i saw a new file near the php file

[29-Aug-2006 12:34:53] PHP Warning:  POST Content-Length of 8470846 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

what does that mean "in Unknown on line 0" how can i fix that

btw the php uploading file is not programed to stop files larger than 8 MB

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can you gave me a tip about how can i upload sucha large file without having to modify this php.ini

i mean the sites that allow you to upload up to 20 or even 50 mb do they just modify php.ini or is there a way to send it like on divided parts


send 8
clean memory
send 4
put the 8 and 4 together

thank u
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To my knowledge, using only PHP, the only way to change how large a file you can upload is in php.ini.

The file is actually sent by the html form to the server, so it is sent as one large part that php then processes.  You may be able to change this using a java plugin to do the uplaoding (not javascript, java), but I'm not familiar with that.
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thank u hitman for ur post, me too, i am not familiar with java so i don't have much of space to work on that

btw the method that i use is the same is u said i mean going through html form

anymore ideas or help will be appreciated
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