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Everything to install

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Hi there,

I have a registered domain name that is PHP enabled...

What my problem is is that ive Downlaoded MySQL and Apache but i cannot use Apache for an unknown reason...

I am thinking that i havent downloaded something...

So could someone please list EVERYTHING i need to install in order to have a computer that has PHP so my site can recognise it...

All i know to install is Apache and MySQL  ???

So could someone please list everything needed to install... even the little things i may need, and if you could paste the URL of from where i can download the software that would be most kind :)

Many Thanks,

~ Eddie

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if this is on a live serer that is hosting your site you will already have apache (or god-forbid IIS).

to find out upload a filewith JUST this in it into your root directory.


call it info.php

and then simply goto your site and ad info.php to the url. This will give you all the info about your installation, which server app you have (hopefully apache) whether mysql is available etc etc.

delete the file when you have done - you don't need to let everyone see your servers details!!!

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all this is done for you by your hosts.

They will have sent you ftp account details, probably a control panel account too.

Go and look in there and it shoudl give you some idea of where you are.  Otherwise you will need some live help (at least that will be the quickest way!)

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