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the result page dont display data

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The answer is yes. When you define a recordset you you have six drop-downs below the main dialogue listings. You should select these and make the result equal to (=) form element if you are using a post method from a form to atain a result, or url parameter if you are using a link from master page to attain the result. If you visit BigMacs site there is a better manual with walkthroughs on this subject. Its available for free download in .pdf format.


With regards your GET or POST methods, use POST if you are sending a form, but dreamweaver will apply the get method by default anyway if you are making your recordset = url parameter.

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1- I am configuring the record set of the query page again.


2- As "columns" I selected only "country"


3- As "filter" uper left "coultry"


4- As uper right filter I am not sure


a) shall I put "=" alone?


B) shall I put "=country"?


c) shall I set "contain" instead?


5- As bottom left filter "URL parameter"


6- As botton right "country"


7- "sort" fixed as "none".



I still have the same problem. The Query is unable to pass the instructions to "results", or the result page is unable to access the db.


Please help me on this.

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Unknown column 'country' in 'where clause'


Send you tables and brief description of what you want to do to datagrid1@msn.com and I will get your files working. Ill include a brief explainaition of what I did and how it works to enable you to learn.


No other project posters please.

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