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Merging C++ With PHP

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I am creating a bot for a game and I need to incorporate PHP with my C++ core script. I need a way to make PHP simulate a "mouse click" on certain coordinates on the screen, and I need it to simulate "key strokes", such as F1 or CTRL+A. Anyone know how to do this?

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This may help you..

[a href=\"http://bugs.tutorbuddy.com/php5cpp/php5cpp/index.html\" target=\"_blank\"]Using C++ with PHP[/a]


the information for using php library with C is not available to me, I've searched the net but not fount any useful information.the link above not working(at least for previous twodays and up to now).

I need the header files to execute php scripts. I'll write it(If it is not available ) to use in custome applications.Can enybody direct me to the available information.Or the working(arguments and returning values) of main php functions to use in custome applications.

(IF U NOT FOUNT IT AS A SUBJECT TO THIS FORUM : Is it necessary to go through source before knowing what a function is doing?)


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