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Online hosting and offline application


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Hi all, I have a students php application that I currently host online with user access over different sections based on special permissions.


I would like to distribute this application on stand-alone PCs  to work offline and synchronize the data once connected to the net.


what is the secure way to deploy the application offline without the risk of being able to get the mysql data and thus be able to mess up the permissions bearing in mind that I have encrypted the code, so the main issue now is how to protect the mysql data. thanks

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You could also bundle up something like [link=http://www.apachefriends.org]xampplite[/link] in to an installer and add some code to your application so that they do the work at home, bring the app in, run it again and click "Send to server" to sync. You could do a few checks to see if your server is available and if it's not, stop the sync from happening

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