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What's Wrong With This COMPOSE Mail Function?

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Ok, the way i have it set up is when a user clicks the "mail me" link it echos there name in the compose form but i want to make also make it so they can compose a new mail, without the id link.
Its set up to get a name from there favorites, then a new compose  but keeps getting an error: ???
[code]Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/public_html/datingsite/compose.php on line 134
"Witch Is: $rowuser=mysql_fetch_object($ruser);"[/code]
Here is the php, any thoughts.
[code]<? include("cookie.php");
$quser1=mysql_query("select * from users where identity='$sendto'",$db);
$subject="RE: $subject";
$rcuser=mysql_query("select * from users where identity='$UsErCoOkIe'",$db);

$remail=mysql_query("select email from users where userid='$to_client_id'",$db);


$que="insert into inbox(title,msg,userid,sender,time) values('$subject','$body','$to_client_id','$cuser',now())";
mysql_query("insert into outbox(title,msg,userid,sender,time)
mysql_query("insert into email(userid,sender,time) values('$to_client_id','$cuser',now())",$db);

// Edit the following variables to customize the message sent to the recipient

$sub="New mail in your dating account";
$content="There is new mail in your account at darkwaterstusio.net dating
To check the mail visit http://darkwaterstudio.net/datingsite/index.php";

// You should not need to edit any active code beneath this line


The Form:
[code]<FORM method=post name=CFForm_1>
              <table border=0 cellspacing=5 class=blue_text>
                    <td align=right bgcolor="#E1E1E1" class="big_txt">To:</td>
                    <td bgcolor="#E1E1E1" class="normal_txt"><input type="text" name="sendto" value=<?echo $send?>>
                    <td bgcolor="#E1E1E1" class="normal_txt"><?
  $quser="select * from users where username='$UsErCoOkIe'";
  $query="select * from lovebasket where userid='$userid'";
                        <select name=to_client_id>
                          <option value="">Select</option>
  $quser="select * from users where userid='$rowto->loveid'";
                          <option selected value=<?echo $rowto->loveid?>> <?echo $name?> </option>
                      (from your Favourites) </td>
                    <td align=right class="big_txt">Subject:</td>
                    <td class="normal_txt"><input maxlength=48 name=subject size=48>
                    <td align=right valign=top bgcolor="#F7F7F7" class="big_txt">Your Message:</td>
                    <td bgcolor="#F7F7F7" class="normal_txt"><textarea class=general_text cols=50 name=body rows=10><?
if($original){echo "\n\n";
for($i=0; $i<30;$i++){
echo "-";}echo "\n";?>Original Message:<?echo "\n"."\n";?><?echo stripslashes($original);}?></textarea>
                    <td align=middle colspan=2><input name="imageField" type="image" src="images/send_me.jpg" width="81" height="13" border="0">
                        <input type=hidden name=submit value="Send message">
                        <input type=hidden name=original value="<?echo $original?>">
          </FORM>[/code] ::)

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Any help on fixing this error would be mutch apreciated! :P

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Well thanks for all the help guys... Oh wait i fixed it my self haha.
I used this instead of the menu cause it seems no one know how to make it work:
<input type="text" name="sendto" value=<?echo $send?>>
Now its ok but might be hard for people who dont knoe users ID

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