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One to many (/)

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Another problem I can't get my head around.


I am trying to insert an record into a table but one of the fields is a lookup to another table ...... (this bit works okay) ...... but I need to be able to make multiplue selections.


Althougn it looks like you can selct more than one, it only adds 1 record.


See example at http://www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk/ev...dtwotables1.php


Username: diaryeditor

Password: havefun


I've cheated at the moment and passworded the whole directory - next job will be to set up a proper loggin system!


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I have the same problem... here is the solution:


You must only put this brackets to the name of the (?) input tag:

<select name="sample[]">


WIth the []-brackets the name is not a variable, its a array... the array you canread with foreach or for.

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