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Need a solution to keep nav bar/mp3player static while loading new pages below..

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Hey, how is it going.. looks like a great community here..

I could use a little help, so thanks in advance if you have some tips..

Basically what I want to do is use PHP to keep a flash nav bar (that doesn't reload when clicked) locked on the top of a page, while content from other pages loads below..

I have a simple web site using html and flash located [url=http://www.mixedsignalsdc.com]here[/url]..

It's basically a navigation on top and a content area below.

I want to turn the navigation at the top into a flash nav bar which has a built in flash mp3 player.

I also want to have a separate and detached flash content area below

The problem I foresee is that every time you would click on a nav button to load new content below, you would be going to a different html page and therefore the mp3player will reload and reset.

I did some research and found out that there is a way to use php (and tables) so that I can have my navbar become a permanent fixture which doesn't reload EVER (kind of like a header) while clicking on nav buttons would load the content separately in a frame or a cell below..

I read somewhere that this can be accomplished using a two-cell PHP table.. where content loads only in the bottom cell.

Does anyone have any advice, resources, etc to help me accomplish this?



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