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dynamic frames

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I'm trying to create multiple iFrames with javascript to do some serverside stuff in the background. when I want to dynamically create a 2nd or 3rd iframe within a div, i have to "reload" the contents of the div, which means ALL the iframes will refresh ... so, is there a way to dynamically insert an iframe outside of a tag?

this is what i'm using:

function numForms()
str = document.getElementById('numForm').innerHTML
document.getElementById('numForm').innerHTML = str + '<iframe class=\"hideFrame\" src=\"iframe.php\">';

I need the previously generated iframes NOT to refresh when I dynamically add another.

Hope it makes sense .. just started playing around with JS.


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You can use standard DOM methods for adding elements into the page. I feel, using innerHTML shouldn't be a preferred way. Instead, use
document.createElement(IFRAME) and document.divname.appendChild(varname).
For eg. to add a iframe dynamically in a page on a button click, see following function. To the function I am passing the id of the div to which the frame will be appended.

function addIFrame(divid) {
var newiframe=document.createElement(IFRAME); //IFRAME without quotes
newiframe.src="http://www.google.co.in"; //replcace as required

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