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php code works and dose not work - confused? take a look!


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You have a peppering of require_once() statements opening connections to your database server. Since there is not a valid connection at the point where the mysql_query() is being executed, then it is likely that your code before that point on the page is closing the connection as well.


Either make a single connection at the beginning of your application and leave it open, or you will need to  remove the _once() part of the require_once() statement in that code. Repeatedly opening and closing the database connection on one page will always take more time then opening it once.

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Yay, got that fixed


but what dose this mean?


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare escape_data3() (previously declared in /home/gaogier/mysql_connect212.php:11) in /home/gaogier/public_html/mysql_connect.php on line 23

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