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How to Read a File, Edit and Replace that file with new Changes?

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I am making a enhancement to our helpdesk product. So we are using JSON for saving the Language defaults. Now I am Using PHP as a server based language. Now here is the logic of the program. Whenever our product is installed then a parser will create a HTML file which will have all the defaults from the JSON file. Now when a user changes the language then the parser will again Run and make the required changes in the JSON file and again create the HTML file and Replace it in that folder. I am not able to find a good solution for this.

Can someone help me building it. I am not able to get how to Open a file, Read it, make the changes and Replace that file. I hope someone can help me in this regard.



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<?PHP if(!$_POST["new_html"]){ ?>
<form action="" method="post">
<textarea name="new_html"><?PHP echo str_replace("<", "&lt;", file_get_contents('file.html')); ?></textarea>
<input type="submit" value=" Save " />
<?PHP }
$file = fopen('file.html', '+w') or die('Could not open file');
fwrite($file, $_POST["new_html"]);
echo 'Changes saved';

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