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How to show a list?

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I used to play around a little with php and MySQL earlier,

but haven't done it for a couple of months, so I forgot a lot.


I have a database with let's say books.

The fields are: author, title and a link to a website


I want one page with all letters (A-Z)

When you press one of the letters (eg F) you will be

redirected to a page showing all authors beginning with

the letter F sorted alphabetically.


I'm just stuck here. Don't even know where to start...

Seems I need to play around with this more often.


So, how do I make the first page and how do I make

it all end up on a new page.


PS. I use Dremweaver MX

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The Macromedia DW support site has a bookstore application example. I think it would be a good starting place for you.

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