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The story behind your username...

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Mine stems from a guy I knew in high school named Matt.  At the beginning of the year the teacher asked him if he had a nick name he liked to use.

"Most people call me Rupurt."

Which was total bullshit, but the teacher bought it and everyone called him Rupurt for that year in just that class.  When I later went to sign up for a hotmail account, I couldn't think of anything else and just used roopurt18; the 18 is because I was 18 at the time.

I actually have a pool of several user names that I use for various reasons.

First letter of first name followed by last name.  Usually I don't need any digits because its rather unique.  I use this mostly for things I need to keep semi-professional or personal.

I use this as my login account for just about every video game.  I've never named a video game character named superfiend, I just use this as the global name to access my account.

sk.1, tdg|w00t
I used these names back when I was big into Quake 2.  sk.1 stood for a fake clan named Silent Killers where in my config file I had it set up so that I couldn't talk to anybody else on the server.  I used that handle for well over a year and, true to my motto, never spoke to anyone.  I used to get kicked and / or banned from a lot of servers because I was good at the game and many people thought I was a bot or at least cheating in some way.  Also, I like to get under peoples' skin and consistently beating someone in a game and [i]never[/i] talking to them is a great way to do it.  tdg|w00t was my identity when I wanted to talk to people; tdg stands for Too Damned Good and w00t is just an expression of happiness.  The fun thing about that little experiment was watching the effect it had on people; the same people that liked me as w00t would be the first to try and votekick me as sk.1.  Good times!

Continuing my interest in themes, I tend to use odd names in CS:S whenever I play that:
The Best
I use this whenever I know I'll do good.

I use this on occasion, it's my guild and character back when I played WoW.

I use only the pump shotgun when I use this handle.

And the list goes on.

So there you have it, some insight into the madness that is my brain.
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i used to play with lego when i was younger, when i went to get my first msn legohead was takin and it said would you like to try one of the following and i chose legohead6, since then that has always been my username for almost everything, if not legohead6 its legoman67... which came from when i joined RS....
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I think the name Voldemort looks and sounds fun, and I've always liked the Harry Potter books (hey, it kinda gets thrust upon you when you're a kid who looks like you imagined Harry Potter before the movies came out).

I also use YodaOfDarkness - I made it back when I played an online game, and it's stuck ever since. Yoda is my favorite character from Star Wars, and I've always liked the concept of an evil version of Yoda...
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My story starts when I was about 19.  I was totally into the [i][b]Mobile Suit Gundam[/b][/i] series and used to us [i][b]Gundam[/b][/i] names in all forums I entered (which was, maybe, one forum).  Then came [b]HALO[/b].  Both for the [b]Xbox[/b] and [b]PC[/b], my brothers and I decided that we would start a clan for battling on the PC version, but we didn't want to use [i][b]Gundam[/b][/i] names.

We decided to start with the elements; earth, wind, fire and water.  I, being the oldest, chose fire.  My youngest brother chose wind, and my other brother (middle child) chose earth.  Well we couldn't go through the game as [i]Earth, Wind and Fire[/i] (band reference pun intended), so we placed the [b]HC[/b] in front of the names.  All recruits under us would have a form of the element in their tag, plus the [b]HC[/b].

Bringing into the fray, one friend to take over Water, there was a lot of fighting amongst the clan.  The middle brother wanted Fire, the friend wanted Earth, and I wanted to shut them both up.

[b]HALO 2[/b] was released, me and my youngest brother being avid online players, decided to go against the clan and start naming our characters different things.  With [b]Xbox Live[/b] in the mix, what we named our Master Chiefs in the game, didn't matter online, just the gamer tag.

I found it easier when I started to find great forums, to keep the [b]HC[/b] in front of the name that I chose.  It stemmed off from there.  It started as [i]HCFireKnight[/i], then my brother decided to call himself [i]DragonTamer[/i].  Being as that I had a want to be more powerful, I started to go with the magician titles.

And thus came [i]HCDarkMage[/i].

A little lengthy explanation, but it is the way it started.  I still have an email address that reflects my youthful liking of the Gundam series.  Tastes change, and so do names.
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Mine is based on an old school username. I was signing up for an account on GamingForums and I couldn't think of anything else, and then after that I signed up for another site under that name, and another, and another, and after a while, the name grew on me. Not like it's likely to be taken already after all.
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Mine is N Starting off cause in airport terms N means I fly in the united states. 350 Is my callsign like flight 350 and CA stands for CaliAer The airline I used to fly for (Virtually) Coming together its spells N350CA Or How you would say in Pilot language:

"November Three Five Zeewo Charlie Alpha"
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mine comes from my grand fathers name when he passaway  everybody's calling me teng. 84 is my birth year
but when my friends mad at me they cal me like "anak ng teteng" which means mad or bad or maybe shit

so to all of you anak ng teteng  LOL ;D
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[quote author=cgm225 link=topic=106377.msg726205#msg726205 date=1193417273]
@teng84 - what language is that?
[/quote][quote author=roopurt18 link=topic=106377.msg726239#msg726239 date=1193419786]
tagalog (filipino)
@roopurt18 you know my language how?
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