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php mail

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when i execute a mail program iam getting some error as follows

Warning: mail(): Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in c:\appserv\www\mails.php on line 20

what is the solution to this problem


// Target email address.

// Your subject.
$subject="Test Email";

// Sender. You may put the sender's email address after "from:". This example file use "info@phpsimple.net"
$mail_from="from: info@phpsimple.net \n";
// Set this email to HTML email format.
$mail_from .="Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 \n";

// Your message.
$message="Hello, This is your test email.<br>
Your email server is working now!

// Send email.
$sentmail = mail($to,$subject,$message,$mail_from);

// If your email succesfully sent.
echo "Email has been sent.";
else {
echo "Cannot send email.";


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If you are running this on your personal computer, you need to install a mail server.  If this is running on a site hosted by someone else, they don't have a mailserver installed or configured correctly.

If this is your own computer, I suggest: http://www.postcastserver.com/

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