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LAMP issues in SUSE 10.1

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OK, I know NOTHING about Linux (OK, I know just enough to install it).  I want to just set up a simple web server with PHP and MySQL support using Apache2.  Should be simple enough.  So I tried ...

I installed Apache2 following the directions on the site, and that worked beautifully.  So then I downloaded the latest php tarball (5.1.6) and attempted to install that.  I opened a terminal and did "su root" to switch to root, then did:

gzip -d php-5.1.6.tar.gz
tar xvf php-5.1.6.tar
cd php-5.1.6
./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs --with-mysql

Errored out on finding "libxml2" -- so I found that online, downloaded, and installed the same way I did Apache2 ... worked!  So then I tried the same commands above, and it errored out in finding MySQL ... well duh, I didn't install that yet.  So here's my question:

If i take off the --with-mysql switch, do I need to do something after installing PHP to get it work with MySQL?  Or should I install MySQL first?  Which is another issue -- I tried that, but it wouldn't let me run ./configure because it said it didn't need that and just worked!  So do I just un-tar it to /user/bin/mysql5 or something?

AAAHHHH!  Linux is so foreign!



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Suse should be just as simple to use as windows. There is a package manager called yast, Apache, php and Mysql should all be easily installed via it.

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check yast if libxml2 is installed in not you can download the libxml2 source then do this

tar xzvf libxml2....
./confogure --prefix=/usr/local/

and then add this to your php configure --with-libxml2=/usr/local

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