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php.ini Help

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Hi, new to all this, and having loads of trouble. I have a virtual dedicated server, and I am trying to change the max upload on php.ini, having problem after problem.

I foolowed this http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=95911.msg384326
and it makes sense. But the file tells me is read only, and I can't seem to change it. How??

I have also accessed via ftp and tried to write over the file, and can not.

So no matter if I use ssh or ftp I can not change it.

So I need to know how to get it done? I have access to the root and have whm and cpanel, if it matters. Any help wpuld be great!

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[quote]I use my IP to log in as specified by the host. So yes, I blieve it is the root.[/quote]

You would need to specify root. eg;

ssh root@yourip

Though this isn't the most secure method. It would be safer to ssh as a normal user and then su to root.

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