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How to add a Datepicker Icon to a Zend_Form_Element?

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Dear Experts,


I have a zend_form which contains a form element "customerdob" date of birth.  I want to add a datepicker icon next to this field, which when clicked on should execute a javascript to show the date picker.  I have the datepicker coming up currently "onfocus" on the "customerdob" field as shown below in my Zend_Form class;


//add element: effectivefromdate textbox

$customerdob = $this->createElement('text', 'customerdob');

$customerdob->setLabel('Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd):');


$customerdob->addValidator(new Zend_Validate_Date('YYYY-MM-DD'));

$customerdob->setAttrib('size', 20);

$customerdob->setAttrib('onfocus', "javascript:NewCal('customerdob','YYYYMMDD')");



However, I want to add an icon next to the text field for the user's to click on it to get the datepicker.  Is this possible in Zend_Form? or should I go back to rendering individual fields in HTML viewscritps and adding the href tag to and image as shown below?


<input type="text" name="customerdob" id="customerdob" value="<?php echo date("Y-m-d", time()); ?>" size="12" />  <a href="javascript:NewCal('customerdob','YYYYMMDD')"><img src="/images/cal.gif" width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="Select a date"></a>


Please share your thoughts and help.





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