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hit counter for each page


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hey guys


can someone please hep me with a hit counter for my site, been thinking of the best way to do it all afternoon but it just hasnt come to me.


i need it to save the hits to a txt file, but i want it so within the text file it has a line of hits for each of my webpages on my site.

so that its not just one number which gets updated with each page load, it needs to have individual hit counts for each of my pages.


i was hoping to get it to look somthing like this within the text file:

//page name = hit count//


index = 111

another page = 10

another page = 20

another page = 22


each of my pages already have variable names, eg.  $thisPage = 'index';  which i think would help with this.


thanks to anyone who can help

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ahh okayy.

just thought i'd try with a txt file as i havnt used databases yet, but i guess ill have to learn


thanks for the reply


i remember first getting into MySQL... it was intimadting but take it piece by piece and you'll realize its really not that much... when it comes down to it, for the basics, you just gotta learn 4 or 5 new functions

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