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newbie like help fast please

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I had Dreamweavermx 2004 installed before I installed Apache then PHP..and

I have a site started before finding I need PHP..


I didn't know I needed Apache + PHP so as I'm installing it

Dreamweaver doesn't show me anything but the code because of the site I have

so I don't know if PHP is installed correctly..


Do I need to install MySQL to fix this? I'm working out of a book on this

but there is nothing in there about Dreamweaver only that I need a reader?


I'm getting really confused :(


I can't get anymore done till this is worked out..

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If apache is installed, you should be able to type


into you web browser, and apache will display the pages in your htdocs folder. To find if php is installed correctly, place a .php file into your htdocs folder.



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