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Looking for a server

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A friend is looking for a dedicated server and I said I'd help him look.

It's going to be hosting a browser-based game where there can be a large number of players online 24/7 making a large number of calls to a large MySQL database.  I've written two games myself and moderate on another and I know that a beefy server is required. I also know that you get what you pay for so while we're not looking for anything cheap and nasty we are aware that its not going to be cheap.

We've compiled a small list of what is needed:
- PHP to include these modules (cURL, GD, FreeType, Ctype, Session)
- MySQL already installed (or a one-click install does it for you)
- 1500GB Bandwidth (or as close to it)
- phpMyAdmin via cPanel

Its going to need a decent processor as there will be a large number of pages served and a large number of MySQL calls.

Thought this was the best place to ask - the industry is a bit of a minefield and for the money he's expected to pay we don't want to get stuck with a lemon.

Thanks :D

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try it out. Its really really good! A free cpanel host withno ADS!

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If you're still interest in buying a dedicated server, when you get some time check my services out, http://eastside-hosting.com/?action=servers


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