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Website works locally, but not in the internet.


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I've been hosting for a couple months mostly without trouble, but today, out of the blue, my website has stopped responding on the internet. I do own the server computer.


What I know:


My port is open.

I can connect locally and the port/lan i.p. does work.

I can not connect to my I.P. (Not LAN I.P.) with the port.


What I don't know:


If my server is even getting any request at all from the internet I.P./port or if it just isn't responding but can read the request. I'm not sure how I would check this and if any of you would know how, that'd be great as it would probably give me a tip as to why its not working.  :)




Using Microsofts "diagnose connection problem" says my I.P. is online, but the server is blocking ports (My internet ports is opened) which would imply that somehow my server installed a firewall (Virus?  :o) or activated it for some reason. Does Ubuntu have a built in fire-wall? Its strange that this is to only happen now though. If it is a firewall, whats even stranger is that it doesn't block local I.P.s.


Edit: I did make sure that ufw is disabled.


If there is any other information that you need to determine what the problem is or could possibly be, please do ask. :)

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Quite a few ISPs may block by default port 80 unless routed, That is why services such as no-ip exist. If you cannot physically reach your server via the router, then it is most likely a problem on the ISP/NAT's end.

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