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setting permissions for a directory on creation (windows)

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I have an issue. I have created several temp directories and when I am done with them I want to delete them. Well I keep getting the error Permission denied. I think that I have set the permissions properly for the apache group and I could easily delete the file manuly but I don't want to do that.

When I look at the properties for that directory I see that it is read only. Why is this. I am using the following code to create the dir.

$dir = "./" . $_SESSION['username'] . "." . date(Ymd);
if (is_dir($dir) == false) {

Any suggestions as to why this file is being created with read only access?

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Yes, everyone on a shared hosting has the problem.

No one as of yet showed a solution that doesn't invole php ftp.


read the comment by "Han Van den Hoof"

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