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Ping-O-Matic main function?

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Hi there,

I've read the faq but I can't find the newbie section so I posted here. I've also can't find this on the search result.

This is related to Blog and Ping stuff. If you are not familiar with blog I will explain it further below.

Here's the situation. I have some blogs on blogger.com. I want to try to automate the posting and ping-ing from Cron. So far I've been able to set up the automatic post. I'm looking for the automatic ping.

I've looked at the "Update Service" from WordPress. http://codex.wordpress.org/Update_Services

It seems that I only provide a list of urls of those ping services and WordPress will ping them automatically every time I click the "publish" button. However, Blogger doesn't allow additional script on it. I've also look at www.ping-o-matic.com. It enables me to ping those websites while entering my blog domain.

I'm looking a way to get the script from WordPress of that pings with no success and I have no idea how ping-o-matic can do that. When I run the url from the list above, it returns error or nothing at all. So I guess I can't just "run" the urls from a script.

Ping-o-matic similar script is what I need. Can somebody provide me with a partial script (the main function) that can function similar to ping-o-matic?

For those of you who are not comfortable to blog...

I'm looking a way to do www.ping-o-matic.com function from a script but with my own list of websites. The list can be found at http://codex.wordpress.org/Update_Services.

I've tried to run the urls from browser and it got errors, so I guess we can't just "run" them from a script. I'm trying to "look" the code of WordPress, but I'm not that advanced to be able to "see" the important part that run this function.

Can anybody help me?


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This should be all you need to ping the addresses..

echo "<pre>"; print_r($out); echo "</pre>";

just change the ip address to the web address..  code thanks to the search function -- provided originally by SemiApocolyptic

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Hi Radar,

I don't think this will work.

If I'm not mistaken, I've reconfirm by going to PHP.net, the exec() will only simulate the typing on the web browser's address bar. The problems:

1. All the pings will return errors. You can try that by yourself. The list of websites to be ping-ed is at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Update_Services

2. If I do that, the sender of the ping will be my hosting(the place I put the script). I want the blogger addresses to become the sender. Not my hosting.

It's not similar to www.ping-o-matic.com

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