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phpMyAdmin equivalent?


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Hi there,


I'm a PHP/MySQL developer and not touched ASP/MSSQL once!

I'm trying to help someone out and needed to know if there was an equivalent way to connect to an MSSQL database and export all tables to .CSV (as I would usually do in phpMyAdmin)


I've Googled and found "SQL SERVER EXPRESS" - is this easy enough to do the trick?


Many thanks

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I'm not a Microsoft guy so take this with a grain of salt.


SQL Server Express is like a toned down version of SQL Server 2005|2008, sort of like how MS has Visual C# Express and Visual Basic Express.  Essentially MS is creating freeware versions of their IDEs and technologies in hopes of competing with open source.


So you are probably not interested in SQL Server Express as it sounds like the MS SQL database already exists.


What you probably want is SQL Server Management Studio Express.


You might also want to read up on Microsoft's BCP program, which is suited for importing or exporting bulk data in and out of SQL Server.

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There is an import and export feature on the computer hosting the SQL SERVER (express or not)  Go to start -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> Export Data (32-bit | 64-bit) and follow the wizard.  I think the same is true for 2005, but my version of 2005 was the one included with visual studio 2008 and I use MSSQL 2008 for the data.  I do remember exporting data the same way with SQL 7.0 so I am sure if you get on the machine actually hosting the database, it will be easy.

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