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Help with Apache 2.0

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I have downloaded Apache 2.0 for windows. And I ran the .msi file.

When it asked to fill in my server and domain I didn\'t know what to do.

Because I don\'t have one and I just want to use it on my computer to make cgi and SSI. So I entered some website to this field and it installed.

Then I read the Help and it says that I have to install Apache by typing in command prompt:


apache -k install


I did it but it says Error cant bind to, no listening sockets.

And I don\'t know waht to do. I have changed the httpd.conf file that line


But it aint working. Because I just want to run the server on my computer and I want to create own site like:


How can I do it? Please help me and if I am saying a nonsence

than tell me the right way to do it. Maybe I need my own domain? But how to configure the Apache 2.0 on that.


Thank you for any help. And please note that I just stureted. So please tell it all in steps how to do it. Not in sience language.

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i\'ve never tried running a simple localhost...

try using this in the config file:



ServerName localhost:80

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