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need a PHP IDE that can do this built in or via existing plugin

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My "day job" experience is with Visual Studio, and I have a number of cool addins that I find invaluable for development so I'm looking for a dev environment for PHP with similar shortcuts.  If the IDE doesn't provide it natively, then I'm hoping plugins might do the job.  I'm using Netbeans for PHP at the moment, but have heard Eclipse is also quite good for extending the dev environment.  Chances are I'm going to have to stick with Netbeans and write the plugins myself, but that might be a bit time consuming :(


Here's my wishlist:


1. Code Completion - Netbeans seems to do a good job with this, including the CodeIgniter MVC framework I use, so I don't have a problem with this.


2. Code Analysis (StyleCop on Visual Studio) - improves readability, enforces documentation, etc - currently using PHP CodeSniffer for this which I'm pretty happy with, though any additional Code Analysis tool for PHP would be worth a look.


3. Auto documenting (Ghostdoc on Visual Studio) - quickly documenting classes, fields, and methods, parameters and return values, with a right click - auto generates comments based on the names you've given, and does a reasonable job at it.


4. Sandcastle - generates (compiled) html from your documentation, ideally would like something similar to generate documentation.


5. JSLint.VS - quickly validates a JS file, block selection or entire project against Doug Crockford's standards, more info can be found here: www.jstlint.com.


6. Code Metrics - Cyclomatic complexity is probably the most important here.


7. Built in SVN support


8. Functionality for implementing tests


Anyone know of an IDE and/or plugins that would meet my requirements?

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Netbeans covers most of what you want, but some tools will still need to be executed via a terminal.


  • 1. Netbeans does a good job of this
  • 2. Codesniffer is probably the best you'll get, no netbeans plugin that Im aware of
  • 3. Netbeans does this automatically as soon as you start typing docblock comments. Take a look at http://www.phpdoc.org/
  • 4. Again, take a look at http://www.phpdoc.org/
  • 5. I think you'll need to use JSLint from a term. You might also configure PHPUnderControl (see next) to execute jslint on commit
  • 6. Install PHPUndercontrol (http://www.phpundercontrol.org/about.html), you can have it build/test & document your project on commit
  • 7. Netbeans provides this via a plugin (im sure its installed by default)
  • 8. Netbeans again via a plugin. You'll need PHPUnit (http://www.phpunit.de/) installed and configured

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Cheers, that's opened my eyes quite a bit.


One thing I need to figure out is how to get a CI environment running on the same machine as the local dev environment.  I guess the obvious answer here will be a virtual machine.


Certainly something for me to dig into and set up. :)

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