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mysql error: got erroe 28 from table handler, error 1030?

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for about a day, my site\'s sql database was f**ked up...giving too many connection error messages everywhere relating to MYSQL...but my site is not big enough to attract that much connection simultaneously..so i am mystified about what happened, cuz i dind\'t touch anything...


but now mysql seems to be functioning alright, but my invision board is messed up.. it gives a mysql database error such as this...

Hi can somebody tell me what this message says?


mySQL query error: SELECT f.*, c.id as cat_id, c.position as cat_position, c.state as cat_state, c.name as cat_name, c.description as cat_desc,

c.image, c.url, m.member_name as mod_name, m.member_id as mod_id, m.is_group, m.group_id, m.group_name, m.mid

from ibf_forums f, ibf_categories c

LEFT JOIN ibf_moderators m ON (f.id=m.forum_id)

WHERE f.category=c.id

order by c.position, f.position


mySQL error: Got error 28 from table handler

mySQL error code: 1030

Date: Tuesday 04th of March 2003 10:59:17 PM


can somebody tell me how i can go about fixing this?

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Now to know what the error means


use this \"shell> perror [OPTIONS] [ERRORCODE [ERRORCODE...]]\"


and this will give an description of what the error is


error 28 is because \"No Space Left\"


now check ur tmp directory and see whether its full


and I guess u have to change the path.....if ur temp is full

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