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Hi Guys,


So I've built a little website for a friend and wanted to hear what you think.  The design is really simple (and not very original in concept).  Just upload stories, vote and comment on them.  There is some administrative approval stuff, but that's it.


The only issue I am having is in IE, whenever someone clicks "comments" it will toggle down to show the comment, then when "comment" is hit again to close it, the next story butts right up against the story above it in the space where the comments used to be ignoring the spacing I've used to separate each grey box.  But if you repeat the process again on the same story, the problem does not occur again until the page is reloaded.


Does that make sense?  It may just be a CSS issue, I'm using a simple script at the top of the page to toggle div display to none when hiding the comments.



The site: http://www.iwasintoxicated.com


Thanks guys!!!

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