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Sessions vs. GET method

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I have a page where items are listed in the order they are pulled from the databse. My users have the option of using a pulldown to change the sort order. This is currently passed back to the same php page and the items order are changed...

However, each item also has a javascript pulldown menu asscoaited with it. There is a seperate .php page called menumaker.php that outputs the html for the pulldown menus. This page is included in the main page. The way I have the GET info set up right now the menu items are still being pulled from the original sort order and are all in the wrong places.

The only way I can think of to fix this would be to:

1.combine the pages into 1 big huge page that uses the GET's from the pull down.
2. find some way to send the GET's to two different pages, the main page and the unseen menumaker.php page.  Is this even possible??
3. Store thier sort order in session data that I can access...this seems cool so that even if they swith around to a bunch of pages thier preferred sort order will be preserved. However, how can I change the session data by simply changing a pull down. Do I make a 100% seperate page just for receiving the GET values and then changing the Session data that the rest of the pages use???

I am new to programming and don't have a clue as to how most programmers handle this stuff????


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