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PHP and IMAP ssl

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At the university where I have a side job and I am doing some php coding on IIS-servers (WindowsServer2003).

Now I seem to have a little problem... I can't figure out, how to get IMAP[b] with ssl[/b] working...

With linux it seems pretty easy (just add --with-imap-ssl=/path/to/openssl/ in the configuration line) but on Windows I can't find how.

- IMAP is working well, but not IMAPssl.
- OpenSSL ist enabled, but this doesn't solve the problem...

The [url=http://de.php.net/imap]PHP-Manual[/url] is telling me to "read the docs supplied with the package".

I don't know which package they mean or at least I can't find the needed documentation about that.

Can someone help me ?
Thanks in advance !

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I posted this question also in other forums, but doesn't get any answers... that is a pitty, because I made a little app on localhost, but I need to show it working on the servers by thursday morning...

Some one told me:

[quote]It just might not work on an IIS server without building it yourself.[/quote]

Does someone know, how I could build that ?

Thanks in advance !

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