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I hate IE7


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So I have a site designed and it looks great in both IE8 and Firefox.  But when I turn on compatibility mode in IE, I have 4 issues:


http://www.americanbeautytools.com/v2/ - logo does not appear in upper left

http://www.americanbeautytools.com/v2/intldist - any other subpage (not the product pages), the main portion of the menu does not appear

http://www.americanbeautytools.com/v2/intldist - the red box with the 5 links in the lower left (found on the homepage) is completely missing on all the subpages.

http://www.americanbeautytools.com/v2/models/rs/108 - any subpage, the box that appears if you hover over "Site Search" or "Dealer Search" in the upper right corner does not disappear when you mouse-out.  It works correctly on the homepage.


Can anyone help me correct these issues?  And please let me know if you need any of the source or more information.


CSS hates me, I swear.

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Finally, for the javascript popup issue, if you tell us which script it is you are using for that popup, I can take a look at it for you. But I don't feel like digging through all your scripts to try to figure out which one it is.


The same problem is happening with that one on FF by the way - the popup doesn't close on mouseout.

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haku, thanks for the info.  I did some research into that and tried a few other things, but zoom:1; doesn't seem to have any effect on the problem.


On the pop-up, I guess what I don't understand is that the code is the same on the home page and the sub-pages... and that portion that displays that menu is exactly the same.  So I don't understand why it would do that.  And I don't think it's controlled by JS... I think it's a CSS thing.  There are no mouseover or mouseout events for those items.

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Adding zoom:1 worked on my end, but you will have to try a different haslayout fix. There are a bunch of them. Make sure your code is valid as well!


Your popups are definitely javascript and not CSS, because they don't appear at all when I have javascript turned off.

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