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phpglossar_0.8 - php/MySQL newbie requires assistance please


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I'm a newbie to PHP and MySQL and would like to get a PHP Glossary script working for use on a not-for-profit web-site. Neither of the PHP Glossary scripts that i've found on the internet seem to work properly, more than likely this is down to something that needs to be modified accordingly however, as a PHP and MySQL newbie debugging these problems is proving difficult. I've e-mailed the author of one of the scripts but, unfortunately, no response has been received. Guess that as my enquiry is not a business enquiry the author can decide whether to or not to reply.

The script that i've downloaded today is called phpglossar_0.8 from crear.de.

I've changed the database parameters in the connect.php file as follows (as suggested via the documentation with my MAMP installation):

// MySQL server hostname
$dbhost = "localhost:8889";

// MySQL server username
$dbuser = "root";

// MySQL server password
$dbpasswd = "root";

I'm almost certain that a MySQL test script works confirming that the above details allow for a connection to a MySQL database. I've gone into phpMyAdmin and created a database called 'phpglossar' (i'd left the drop-down menu against the database name as default, and not named nor suggested a table name nor fields - as I understand that the /install_database_version_08.php does all of this automatically).

Upon entering /install_database_version_08.php
into a browser window the following message appears suggesting that the installation was successful however that's about as far as i've got as the admin part of the php script doesn't seem to be working:

Database will now be created...

Table created...

Database-Index added for Fulltext-Search...

Installation done...

The /admin/index.php page loads but none of the options/links (Show Entries, Add Entry .. and so on) are working Sad

Any suggestions as to why the index.php admin page isn't working properly would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Could you go to the admin page. When you get there right click any where on the page and click View Source. What does it show. Is the sourcre blank aswell? Also could you attach the script you have downloaded here please, I cannot download the the script form the said site, i get a 404 error for downloading the file.
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