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hello people, I got the following problem


I had my own website with apache - php and mysql, and no problems at all.


I make every day a backup of my database, by copying the fields to my other computer.

now my hdd was crashed, and I needed to reinstall everything.

I also placed back the db fields (I did this before without any errors) but this time I think I builded my apache - php with some different options, but I got the following problem


Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /some/thing/here/sql_layer.php on line 357.


I did installed php 4.3.1 instead of 4.3.0 what I used before this.


can someone help

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Recompile your PHP with the following option


./configure --with-mysql --with-apache=../<your apache path>


If the problem continues, then you have a corrupted PHP dump. Download it again and try.

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