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Pay per signup. (NO SPAMMER WANTED)

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here is the info..
if i got a Featured signup in my site by you then you will got 30% of amount from each signup.

I dont want spammers thats why, i didnt build a referral system in my site.

Tell about my site to your friends and team members and ask them to signup and create a profile.

After getting an amount from user for Featured membership.
i want a PM(in phpbb to HellBlazer) or an email from the featured user with your name as a referrer.

You may think it is hard to manage pm or email from featured user. because i dont want DAMN spam links in forums or Y! rooms for signup. I need REAL and ACTIVE users.


Dont worry about your pay... i wont scam you. if you have good ideas to improve my site then you are welcome...

MySite url: http://TopLancers.com

Thank you,

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