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How to merge Multiple queries into a single variable

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Ey im just a newbie to php/mysql... i just like to ask a question regarding the sample queries below if i can assign/store a single (PHP)variable to all of it and how to do it.

Insert Into Mytable1(fname,lname) values('nick','smith')
Insert Into Mytable2(ProdID,ProdName) values('01','PC')
Insert Into Mytable3(ORno,Date) values('01','01/01/01')

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If you mean run one query that does all 3, then no, not really... one insert per table per statement.

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fenway is correct, however, you [b]could[/b] possibly run all 3 queries from one mysql_query() call if that's what you're after. it's not advisable since you have no individual error tracking, but since it doesn't hurt to know options, here's an example:
$code = "Insert Into Mytable1(fname,lname) values('nick','smith');
Insert Into Mytable2(ProdID,ProdName) values('01','PC');
Insert Into Mytable3(ORno,Date) values('01','01/01/01');";

// a better option would be to store all the insert queries in one array
// and loop through the array:
$queries = array(
  "Insert Into Mytable1(fname,lname) values('nick','smith')",
  "Insert Into Mytable2(ProdID,ProdName) values('01','PC')",
  "Insert Into Mytable3(ORno,Date) values('01','01/01/01')"

foreach ($queries as $q) {

with the second method, it's much more usable since you can break out of the loop with any given error and figure out what happened.

hope this helps

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obsidian is correct as well... but I would refrain for "faking" multiple queries for a single call.  In fact, I'm surprised that mysql_query() even lets you do this.  It's much, much better to set up the array.

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