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HELP!!!!! Blank Page on Admin Page (http://www.ellerbeckmotors.ca/admin/)


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Hi All,


I am pulling my hair out with this problem, I am looking for suggestions to help debug this problem ASAP. I am fairly new to PHP, this is my first database attempt. I am using a car database obtained for free off the web. I think I have the database information entered in properly, it is shown below:


<database type="mysql">







I managed to get rid of the connection error I was getting by playing around with the login and servers. The issue is now I am getting a blank screen.


Does anyone have any thoughts, I have tried everything I know of.


Thanks in Advance



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Error reporting is most likely set to off on your server thus the blank page. Add the following lines to the top of your code (In the code file you provided):




You should always check the support forums and documentation of the third part script.

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I added the code to the PHP page....index.php




//define("PB_CRYPT_LINKS" , 1);

require "config.php";


$site = new CSite("./site.xml",true);





I am still getting a blank page, could there be an issue with the config.php file?

This is the config file:



require_once _LIBPATH . "site.php";



Is there a particular directory I need to be placing the files, I have them in the root directory.


Thanks for the quick reply, I feel a little lost, and I am running out of ideas.



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Blank php pages are either due to fatal parse errors, fatal runtime errors, or simply code that is not outputting anything.


Adding the two lines that set error_reporting/display_errors in the code does not do anything in the case of fatal parse errors because the code is never executed to change those settings.


I managed to get rid of the connection error I was getting by playing around with the login and servers

You probably introduced a syntax error (fatal parse error) that is preventing the code from ever executing.


You could set the error_reporting/display_errors settings in a local php.ini (when php is running as a CGI application) or in a .htaccess file (when php is running as an Apache Module), but frankly, you should be developing and debugging your code on a local development system and only put it onto a live server once it is completely working.


It would certainly help if you provided a link to the site where you obtained the script.

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The script worked for me.


All I did after copying all the files into a folder in my document root folder was to execute the site.sql file to set up the database, edit the site.xml file with the database details, and change some of the lazy-way short open tags into normal opening tags (the raw php code was being displayed instead of being parsed as code.)

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Maybe there is something wrong with my details...maybe I should erase everything and start from scratch.


I entered in the server that my host has displayed, the user name and password to the database, and the database name.


frustrating!!! were the files you uploaded in the root director, public folder??

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