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Merging 3 Queries...

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I have a master search box on my site that I want to do a bunch of things when submitted. Basically, I want customers to be able to enter anything in there..like keywords and colors and have the query look in a bunch of different places for matches.  I already have these 2 queries running, that search for kewywords and colors, but I'd like them to both be run when a customer inputs the search box. I'd also like it to query the item name and the notes field. The third query is displayed below but I'm not sure of the syntax on it...

At any rate... how can these three be combined to one varible that I can run in a while loop to display products on my page...I also only need one entry per item (shirt_id)...in case numerous fields match the search string...

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shirtcolors
  LEFT JOIN colors ON shirtcolors.color_id = colors.color_id
  LEFT JOIN shirts ON shirtcolors.shirt_id = shirts.shirt_id
  WHERE color = '$colorsearch' ORDER BY shirts.$field $direction") or die(mysql_error());

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shirtkeywords
    LEFT JOIN keywords ON shirtkeywords.keyword_id = keywords.keyword_id
    LEFT JOIN shirts ON shirtkeywords.shirt_id = shirts.shirt_id
  WHERE keyword = '$keywordsearch'  ORDER BY $field $direction") or die(mysql_error());

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shirts WHERE notes like'%$search%' OR name like'%$search%'") or die(mysql_error());

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Well, if you select appropriate columns, you can probably UNION DISTINCT.

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