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I would like to get an idea of what you peps think about our website [url=http://www.landed.at]http://www.landed.at[/url] its for travel businesses to post their info in a specific country and for travellers to find that bit of advice via a SMF board.
I did want to add a journal thing to it. and use the google maps with their api to "pin" and track trips but its all very overwhelming right now.

All opinions welcome.

If you have a travel tip or know of a great destination and why please find the country and post a two liner...
Please register at the least until I get 200 folks as then i can put my forum in the specialist forum databases :)
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Just some thoughts on asthetics:

Your layout seems awkward in that the first thing I am trained to look for is the splash/title. Having the login at the top gets me focused there first. I would try aligning the login right and bringing the title up near the top - and also making it a bit smaller.

Also, I think you could do yourself a big favor in the spacing of elements. Near the top in title and menu, you have nice big spacing, while towards the middle and bottom it seems more cramped. I would recommend evening them out by adding and detracting appropriately.

By the way, good color combo, nice use and contrast. I think with a little more work it will be looking really professional.

Good Luck!
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