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Printing Contents of a File

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OS - XP, PHP 4, 5 Objective: To write the contents of about.txt to the web page.

I copied this from a PHP book and this is not working.  The book states that the function fpassthru will print the contents.  I also tried to replace this function with readfile function.  With both pieces of code, there was no error; just empty webpage
$fh = fopen("about.txt" , "r");
if (!$fh)
die("Failed to open file <b>about.txt</b>.");
$s = fread($fh, 256);

Here is my third try with another PHP Programmers help.  We tried  to dump the contents into an array using function FILE.  However, the funny or not funny thing is in my editor FILE doesn't turn color to tell me it's a function.

$file = file($filename);
foreach($file as $row){
echo $row;

Is it possible to write to a web page?  I have tried other variations; even using echo. 
Thank you

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