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Setting up Local Email for testing/development

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Hi to all, I'm wondering how I can setup a local email service (for my own development testing) on my computer (localhost), I can't work out if I need to be looking at using a dedicated mailserver program such as MailEnable or similar to hopefully just use apache and php which I have setup on WinXP.


I realise that the settings in the php.ini file need configuring for a start, so I suppose I am looking for anyone with a similar setup who can point me in the right direction please. Any help would be apreciated - I have reasonable apache/php/mysql experience but not when it comes to configuring local Email.




thanks guys. Sean

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I found the answer in the Merak Mail Server, it does complete offline sending and receiving of mail - and a lot more other stuff I'll never use! It aint cheap though. :(





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