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question about pricing/possibility(totally php related(programming)

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I have a big question, I am debating(thinking) about whether to accept a project.  I am unsure about a few things on it, and was looking for a little guidance.  I quoted him at 1600 at first, he said it was a little out of his price range and he needed to keep it below 1k if possible, so the next step is I am charging either 6500, or 9000 I am not sure which.  Here is the thing I am not sure of, so far the entire site is pretty simple.  I am going to work a design up for him from scratch, and the programming behind the system, up until a certain point is very easy,  Until the end, it seems to get hairy, how difficult do you think it'd be to program this near the end.  do you think it's worth accepting, what do you think I should charge for this one.

here is a set of specs, (me taking notes) when I was speaking with him over the phone.

[quote]Complaints, someone has complaints about a company.  Give them a domain, something like microsoftreallysucks.com or something, like a 1 page website, and send people to the website.

Legal concerns, related to using this.
Planning phase, research about company copyrights, when using acompanysucks.com

4-5 page website

first- introductory page(I provide images, He will provide the text, leave space for text).

totally open on design.
Keep it simple.
Open on everything even background color.

go to next page-
page 4 pages-
1st page introduction
2nd page capture all information(ask them for the sub-domain they are looking for)
give them an option to either have
3rd page- carry all the information from the 2nd page to the 3rd page, give them a couple of options, a basic template, which is we have a template, that has a company name, and has whatever really sucks(whatever there domain is), then were they can enter there own text. and that they can add some html and code.  depending on what they click it goes to the payment page
4th- paypal, or whatever else( until they pay, the sub-domain is not created until payment is accepted.  They need to go to paypal

5 templates
automatically create logo
3 things
1. has the name of the sub-domain in text(as a logo)
2.  Has editable text area(s)
3. enter html. ONLY HTML(all)
be able to access to the source code from there site, ONLY there own sub-domain.
there sub-domain contains 1 PAGE( and 1 ADMIN) area.[/quote]
I still have to check if doing that is even legal, if it is, then we the last area get's done, it seems I have to make the templates(There will be like 5 I create, all pretty basic), interact with my script, when they pay via paypal, then it automatically, creates there sub-domain using.
See here is the process

the first page is an introduction, with 1 link to set everything up
the second page they enter all the information, and choose a subdomain name, and a template
the next page is the tricky one, sort of afterwards, it takes the sub-domain and makes it as a text logo for the next page(nothing fancy), then that is there template, from there, tehy can customize the xhtml, "no javascript, or php can be allowed in", then they basically go through checkout, it passes information to paypal, they pay, then the information using ipn, goes back to
that is the script used to automatically create the sub-domain.
Then from there, once hte sub-domain is successfully created, I need to go ahead and put that template type page, as a .htm file into the folder for that sub-domain.  It needs to look just like they had chosen it to look, then I need for it to also automatically create an admin page, within that sub-domain folder that was created for them, with this admin area(ONLY), it needs to have some sort of password system, or something.  Then on that admin area, it needs to be able to allow them to change the xhtml of the page, without them being able to change anything as far as php, or javascript.
That's it.  But it has to create the .htm page, and the admin page, for each person who signs up, and has to do so dynamically.  can anyone give me advice, on whether this is possible, whether I should take it, how much I should charge, whether it's even worth the prices I listed, or what?  Security has to be taken into account as well as performance, as always.

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you quoted him 1600 and he said it was out of his price range and said he wants under 1000. so you are now charging either 6500 or 9000?

tell me where you live. i want to move there.

[b]edit[/b]: the question of whether you take it should really depend on your schedule, and whether you can afford NOT to take it. going by what your website claims you understand and what you can do, there's nothing in there that should really tax you at all. from the details you've given, i'd prob guess a weeks graft (40-60hrs), but i'd look at your $30/$60 per hour normal rate, based solely on examples you've shown so far.

i don't know if this idea is unique - but based on the fact that you've posted the brief (and his idea) on a site for all to see, before you've even agreed, i'd go elsewhere just off the back of that if i was him.

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also. if i was to quote £1600, and the client says "no, can you do under a grand", then:

1) his budget is a grand
2) you charge a grand. or £999 if you want to be nice. you're already saving them £600.

so where the 650 and 900 (or 6500/9000 if you actually DID mean that, in which case i still want to move there) i don't know.

[b]edit[/b]: something for others to clarify. surely the 'developer' of a site has nothing to do with any legalities once a site's ownership has been handed over?

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It sounds like a cool project, I think I would do it. You would have to make a bunch of "website templates" and the "user templates" and kinda mesh them together to what they choose and pay for. As far as legal stuff, that is not your issue to worry about. Your only issue is if the site will work right or not. What he does with it after you hand it over to him is up to him. It would be his responsibility to check to see if it legal or not.

What I MIGHT do is when the project is completed YOU go and see if it is legal. If it is...you are fine, if not, think about the changes that you would have to make to make the site legal (if any) just so when he comes back and say that you need to change this to make it legal...you already know what needs to be done.

So...What is the going price anyways? $1600, $1000, $900, or $650? I think a grand is pretty reasonably for that.

This seems like a good "planning" project...make sure you plan everything out first before you jump right in. (but I'm sure you know that)


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