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Print CSS - IE - Displays correctly but prints incorrectly.

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I'm using PHP and MySQL dynamically build pages of purchase orders.  Each page contains a footer of two signature fields which must display at the bottom of each page.  Each "page" of the PO is a [b]div[/b] with width 7.25in and height 9.25in.  The footer has the following style set in the .css file:
.PurchaseOrder .POFooter{
width: 7.25in;
position: absolute;
left: center;

In addition, each footer is contained in a [b]div[/b] with the following:
  <div class="POFooter" style="top: {FOOTER_TOP}in;">
where [B]{FOOTER_TOP}[/B] is replaced by:
      $footer_top = ($page - 1) * 9.25 + 9;
      if($sig){ // If a signature jpeg exists
        $footer_top -= .5;
      $page = str_replace('{FOOTER_TOP}', $footer_top, $page);
Each page of the PO displays correctly in the browser, meaning the footer of every page sits directly on top of the header of the next page.  However, when I print preview in IE (or print) the footer starts climbing higher and higher up each page.

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