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country chooser dropdown - detailed version - looking for code snipplet

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Hi Folks, - looking for a snipplet

reinvent the wheel? I dont want to. So I am looking for the source code for a drop down (a number of drop downs to be precise) that will let the user of my page input where in the world he is.
No, a country chooser (only nations (or states if in the US)) is not precise enough for me. I found lots of those, but I want more precise definitions.

I need regions of all countries worldwide, and if possible a third subdivision (subregions) too.

If anyone knows where to get one, or is willing to share his, thank you in advance.


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do you mean when you example choose london then all the boroughs of london come up as a external dropdown of london.


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this is a javascript code to get dropdown menus to exstend and also is a ajax javasript exstention to get the code to work with refreshing without the client seeing.

i dont think your get this unless your very lucky to come accross as a premade code you have to make it your self sorry.

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