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Kick Boxing

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I kick around boxes at work all the time.  We get someone to hold their hands up like a football goal and try to kick the box inbetween their arms. 

Another game we play alot is towel wars.  We have the green towels used for wiping stuff off, and we get them wet and twist them around to whip each other with them.  We're getting pretty damn good.  Myself and this other dude Cory can even draw some blood sometimes.  Definately leave a nice good puffy red mark. 

We made up "special moves." He has his 'thousand hand slap' where he rapidly whips it and gets a lot of shots in, but not very strong. Nice amount of sting to them though.  I have my "cannon whip," where i really get it nice and wound up for about 10 seconds, pull back and hold it for a second to really take aim and focus, and SNAP! I usually always draw blood on that one.  Downside to that is that they usually get several good whips on me before I get them. But it's worth it, cuz they always run around screaming like little girlies.  If i do it into open air where it doesn't hit anything, it gives off a really loud cracking sound.  Makes the customers' eyes bug out.  Pretty impressive for a flimsy little towel.

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