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user images.. need some guidance

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i havent actually started this yet but im looking into it, id like to have user images.. user can upload pictures and set them to show..like...(do i dare say) myspace.. how would i go about this.. well would it have something to do with.. the following ???

>>upload images. then store the image url in the db (how would i get the image url after upload. then store it in the db??)
>> in the image selection page.. echo all images from db. (i can easy figure this out)
>>have a  button for each image that can set it as the defualt image that shows wherever username shows (idk if i could do this...)
>> show the image where needed (easily done)

is that it?? how would i start?

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You should look at this tutorial for writing a [url=http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/85/0.php]upload class[/url].

Also, that image is very large. You should optimize all images before adding them.

Here is a copy that I optimzed. It is less then less then half of the size. Also, 750  by 150 is way to large for a image in a forum.


Good Luck,

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