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Partnumber of a RELATED Image in an MIME Email by Content-ID

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I need help with my Email Client and the IMAP Functions for my Bachelor Report.

Today I wanted to extract the inline Image of an Email to display it in the Browser.

I tried the function imap_fetchstructure();
But then I noticed that

Content-ID: <Picture_Id>

is not parsed by that function.

In the HTML code <img src="cid:Picture_Id" alt="" /> I want to get the cid:.
Than parse the array and retrieve the right part number for getting the file content.

Is there somebody who can give me some advice to get a function like this:

function getPartByContentId($connection, $msg_no, $cid){
return $part_no; //Example: 1.2.2


The part looks like this:

Content-Type: image/jpeg;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <Picture_ID>
Content-Disposition: inline;


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I found the solution!
Watch the source code and you will find the content_id.  ;D

because of the brackets in <content_id> the id didn't show up in the browser and was not printed.

But thanks for reading this post.  ;)

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