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help with dreamweaver mx 2004 login script

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I have created a login script using dreamweaver mx 2004 build in server behaviours.


I have two textfields and am trying to echo these values of these textfields in the next page after login or store them in sessions. I am using $_POST['textfieldName']


This work on the server I am using if I do not have the login script on the login page, the values are past to the next page. However, when the login script is added the values are not passed for some reason. Why is this?


I want to be able to create some sort of account page that displays user information and have them be able to update it. Wont I need to have the sql based on some unique user id number and store this in a session? If this is the best way to do it, I cant do this yet becasuse I cant pull the values, or is there another way?


thanks a lot for any quick responses

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Have attempted to declare them as global variables prior to showing them on the page?



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