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Link to remote database

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  I'm trying to use the database of another website to authenticate users in my website.  This way the users at the other websites won't have to register at my website, all I would need to do is verify their name and password using the other website's database.  Is this possible, and if so where do I begin to work on it.

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you connect to it the same way as you connect to your own, except for instead of using 'localhost' you would use the target host's name instead. This does involve having a valid database name, username and password, along with knowing the table and fieldnames for that database, for that other site though..

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He's right,

If you mean you want to authenticate your users with google for example,
forget it. But if want to use another site that you own or have administrator
access to, that should work fine with the method posted earlier.

If your looking for a site to unify your log-ins, I remember reading of an
open source project, which was rather mature, that 'unified' the way sites
logged users on. I'm sure, if this is the route you want to take, you could
find the project via google or sf.net.

Hope that helps.

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